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Event Calendar 2020

January 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organisers
1 CME 01
Speaker: Dr. Ravikiran
Topic: Chromo therapy and Magnetotherapy
Final year class room 9th January JSSINYS
2 45 th Yoga Championship
M C Mahalakshmi, BNYS part 2
Virtual through ZOOM 23rd January Yoga Federation of India
3 Case presentation 01 by Intern Ms. Sony and Intern Mr. Prasanna Final year class room 23rd January JSSINYS
4 Republic Day Celebration at JSSINYS College Lawn 26th January JSSINYS
5 Plantation of 1947 trees Near V-Guard Industry, Palakkad Highway, Chavadi, Coimbatore 26th January Jai Hind Foundation
6 Faculty Enrichment Programme 01 JSSINYS campus 30th January JSSINYS

February 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1. Online Health Talk 01 by Dr. Ravikiran on World Cancer Awareness Day Facebook live 04/02/2021 JSSINYS
2. CME 02
Speaker: Dr. M Ezhil Ratnakumari
Topic: Role of Naturopathy in Oxidative Stress
Final Year Classroom 06/02/2021 JSSINYS
3. 24th Batch Induction Programme Multi-purpose hall 08/02/2021 JSSINYS
4. 3 day Invited Presentation for webinar by Karpagam group of Higher Education JSSINYS, Board room 11th – 13th Feb Karpagam Group of Higher Education
5. Health Awareness camp at TNSTC, Head Office, Coimbatore TNSTC, Head Office, Coimbatore 15/02/2021 JSSINYS
6. Faculty attended a webinar on Research Methodology
Board Room 19-02-2021 JSSAHER
7. Awareness Program on Usage of Organic Pad Multipurpose hall 19/02/2021
8. Case Presentation 02
Ms. Ashwathika A
Ms. Kushbhoo Jain
Final year classroom 20/02/2021 JSSINYS
9. CME on Fundamentals of Naturopathy attended by Dr. Sudhakar Deham Nature Cure, Pune 22nd to 27th National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune
10. Case Presentation 03
Mr. Manikandan
Final year class room 27/02/2021 JSSINYS
11. Faculty Enrichment Programme 02 Final year classroom 28/02/2021 JSSINYS

March 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1 Case Presentation 04
Ms. Abirami
Mr. Manikandan
2 Survey on Menstrual Practices of Tribal Women Chinnampathi Puthupathi Murugampathi 3rd to 5th March National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune
3 Invited Presentation for 7th International Conference on Emergence, Diagnosis, Treatment and Impact of COVID-19: A Global Health Perspective Online 05/03/2021 Career College of Nursing, Bhopal
4 Poster presentation by Dr. Vijyayaraghavan
Dr. Ramya D and Dr. Preethi K S
JSSINYS 07/03/2021 National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune
5 Women’s Day Celebration
Online Health Talk by Dr. Lakshmi and Dr. Tharima
Program for Housekeeping staff
Program for students
6 One day Honey bee keeping orientation class attended by Dr. Sudhakar Insect Department,
TN Agriculture University, Vadavalli
08/03/2021 Insect Department,
TN Agriculture University
7 Online Health Talk 04 by Dr. Suchitra 04 on World Kidney Day Facebook live 11/03/2021 JSSINYS
8 Case Presentation 05 by Mr. Giridharan Part 1 Classroom 12/03/2021 JSSINYS
9 Camp at Bodhi Organic Society, Alathur, Palakkad Alathur, Palakkad 13/03/2021 JSSINYS
10 CME 03 on NIN, Pune CME experience on Fundamentals of Naturopathy by Dr. Sudhakar 3rd year classroom 13/03/2021 JSSINYS
11 Camp at TNSTC, Sub-Branch Ukkadam, Coimbatore 17/03/2021 JSSINYS
12 World Sleep Day Health Talk 05 by Dr. Tharima
Online, offline for students, DRT session for students
Face book live 19/3/2021 JSSINYS
13 Case Presentation 06
Ms. Latha
3rd year classroom 20/03/2021 JSSINYS
14 Mega Naturopathy Camp at Seed Certification Board, Coimbatore Seed Certification Board, Coimbatore 23/03/2021 NIN,  Pune
15 World Tuberculosis Day Health Talk 06 by Dr. Venkatesan C
Facebook live
Face Book Live 24/03/2021 JSSINYS
16 Mega Naturopathy Camp at JSSINYS JSSINYS 25/03/2021 NIN, Pune
17 Mega Naturopathy Camp at Ramakrishna Ashramam Ramakrishna Ashramam 26/03/2021 NIN, Pune
18 Faculty Enrichment Program 03 JSSINYS 27/03/2021 JSSINYS

April 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1 Online health talk 07 by Dr. Jincy Sundaran on World Health Day Facebook live 07/04/2021 JSSINYS
2 Staff attended workshop on Structuring of Research Paper Board Room- Online session 10/04/2021 Tata Institute of Social Sciences
3. CME – 04 Hallmarks of Health by Dr. Preethi K S 3rd year classroom 10/04/2021 JSSINYS
4. Invited Health Talk by Dr. Jincy Sundaran Virtual: Google meet 11/04/2021 Bodhi Organic Society, Palakkad
5 CRE 01 Topic: Basic Understanding of Research
Speaker: Dr. Naresh Kumar
Online Zoom session 24/04/2021 JSSINYS
6 Case Presentation 07 by Ms. Devi Nandhini Online Zoom session 29/04/2021 JSSINYS

May 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1. Online Health Talk 08 by Dr. Vijayaraghvan, World Hand Hygiene Day Facebook live 05/05/2021 JSSINYS
2. Case Presentation 08 by Mr. Navaneethan Online Zoom session 06/05/2021 JSSINYS
3. CME – 05 Topic: Pranayama before Pratyahara
by Dr. Sree Govind Online Zoom session
Online Zoom session 08/05/2021 JSSINYS
4. Online Health Talk 09 by Dr. T. Selva Meenakshi, World Chronic Fatigue Awareness Day Facebook live 12/05/2021 JSSINYS
5. Webinar on Pedagogy in Higher Education- Paradigm shift from offline to online Moderator Dr. Dhilip Online Zoom session 13/05/2021 JSS Health Sciences Institutions
6. RE 02 by Dr. Vijayaraghvan C Online Zoom session 15/05/2021 JSSINYS
7. CME – 06 on Early intervention strategies to combat COVID 19, by Dr. Lakshmi Online Zoom session 22/05/2021 JSSINYS
8. COVID 19 Campaign at PHC, COVID Care Centre Arasipalayam, Coimbatore 26/05/2021 JSSINYS
9. Webinar on Presentation “The Science in The Art of Presentation” Online Zoom session 28/05/2021 JSS Dental College and Hospital
10. Case Presentation 09 by Ms. Venkat Lakshmi Online Zoom session 28/05/2021 JSSINYS
11. Awareness on COVID Prevention and management Health Talk for Government school teachers by Dr. Venkatesan and Dr. M. Ezhil Ratnakumari Online Zoom session 29/05/2021 JSSINYS
12. Online Health Talk 10 by Dr. Ramya, World No Tobacco Day Facebook live 31/05/2021 JSSINYS

June 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1 Invited presentation by Dr. Jincy Sundaran 06/06/2021 Puthunagaram Pakriti jevana samithi, Palakkad
2 Plantation of saplings JSSINYS 07/06/2021 JSSINYS
3 CRE 03 by Dr. Anju K Paily JSSINYS 12/06/2021 JSSINYS
4 IDY 2021 JSSINYS 21/06/2021 JSSINYS
5 Case Presentation 10 by Ms. Niroshini JSSINYS 24/06/2021 JSSINYS

June 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1 Invited presentation by Dr. Jincy Sundaran 06/06/2021 Puthunagaram Pakriti jevana samithi, Palakkad
2 Plantation of saplings JSSINYS 07/06/2021 JSSINYS
3 CRE 03 by Dr. Anju K Paily JSSINYS 12/06/2021 JSSINYS
4 IDY 2021 JSSINYS 21/06/2021 JSSINYS
5 Case Presentation 10 by Ms. Niroshini JSSINYS 24/06/2021 JSSINYS

July 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1 Case Presentation 11 by Mr. Giridaharan JSSINYS 01/07/2021 JSSINYS
2 CME 07 by Dr. Padmasree on Germ Organ Theory JSSINYS 03/07/2021 JSSINYS
3 Invited presentation

Dr. Jincy Sundaran, Topic: Importance of Psychodiagnosis in Treating Patients

ZOOM Platform 06/07/2021 Own Your Growth
4 Webinar on Research Communication ZOOM Platform 7th to 9th July JSSMVP, Mysore
5 Case Presentation 12 by Ms. Sushanthika JSSINYS 10/07/2021 JSSINYS
6 Inauguration Function of JSS COVID- Rehabilitation Centre JSSINYS 12/07/2021 JSSINYS
7 Sapling Plantation JSSINYS Girls hostel 16/07/2021 JSSINYS
8 Case Presentation 13 by Ms. Nandhini JSSINYS 16/07/2021 JSSINYS
9 CME 08 by Dr. Monicaasun on Gut Liver Kidney Axis 17/07/2021
10 Health Awareness camp (PHYSICAL) Govt. High School, Walayar, Check Post. 20/07/2021 JSSINYS
11 Case Presentation 14 by Ms. Mansha Sultana JSSINYS 22/07/2021 JSSINYS
12 Invited Presentation

Dr. Jincy Sundaran, Topic: Z generation facilitation techniques

Microsoft team’s platform 22/07/2021 Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology
13 Guru Poornima Celebrations 24/07/2021
14 CME 09 by Dr. Venkatesan C on Tongue Diagnosis JSSINYS 24/07/2021 JSSINYS
15 Online Health Talk- 11 on World Hepatitis Day by Dr. M. Ezhil Ratnakumari Facebook live 28/07/2021 JSSINYS
16 Research Communication Class on Conducting an effective Pubmed search ZOOM Platform 28/07/2021 JSSCPT
17 Journal club CRE 04 by Dr. Sujithra JSSINYS 31/07/2021 JSSINYS
18 Webinar on Food Forest and natural ways to boost immunity in the times of pandemic and tackle the global problems by Sri Pathanjali, IRS, Chief Commisioner of Income Tax, Karnataka and Goa 31/07/2021 JSS Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital

August 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1 World Breastfeeding week awareness health talk-12

Speaker: Dr. Namratha BNYS, Lactation Educator

Topic: Importance of Lactation and Infant Nutrition

Facebook live 02/08/2021 JSSINYS
2 CME 10

Topic: Yoga, Speaker: Mr. Selvarasu

Yoga Hall 04/08/2021
3 Case presentation 15 by Mr. Navaneedhan 05/08/2021
4 National Webinar on Quality education, accreditation and teacher development by Ministry of Education. Virtual, You tube 06/08/2021 Ministry of Education, Govt of India
5 Invited presentation by Dr. Jincy 12/08/2021
6 CME 11

Topic: Fasting and COVID 19, Speaker: Mr. Tharima

2nd year classroom 14/08/2021 JSSINYS
7 75th Independence Day Celebration JSSINYS 15/08/2021 JSSINYS
8 CME 12

Topic: COVID 19 and Vitamin D, Speaker: Mr. Kirthiga. P

2nd year classroom 21/08/2021 JSSINYS

September 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1 Teachers’ day celebration Multipurpose hall 04/09/2021 JSSINYS
2 Ganesh Chathurthi celebrations JSSINYS 09/09/2021 JSSINYS
3 World Alzhiemer’s Day Health talk-13

Speaker: Dr. Prabhakaran BNYS,

Topic: Know dementia, know  Alzhiemer’s

4 JC CRE 05, Dr. Ramya Sathish JSSINYS 18/09/2021 JSSINYS
5 Charter Day JSSINYS 24/09/2021 JSSINYS
6 FEP 04 JSSINYS 25/09/2021 JSSINYS
7 World Rabies Day Health talk-14

Speaker: Dr. Asveedha BNYS,

Topic: Rabies: Facts, not Fear.

8 COVID Vaccination Campaign JSSINYS 28/09/2021 JSSINYS
9 106th Jayanthi Mahotsava Celebration held on 30th September at JSSINYS, Coimbatore JSSINYS 30/09/2021 JSSINYS

October 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1 Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration JSSINYS 02/10/2021 JSSINYS
2 Navarthri Golu Day 1 celebration JSSINYS 07/10/2021 JSSINYS
3 Mental Health Day inter college competition JSSINYS 10/10/2021 JSSINYS
4 World Mental Health Day Health talk-15
Speaker: Dr. Sudhakar BNYS,
Topic: Mental Health in an unequal world
5 Invited Live Health talk by Dr. Sharmila on Care and Safety on COVID 19
Google meet 13/10/2021 Karpagam Academy of Higher Educaion and Youth Red Cross
6 Ayutha Pooja celebration 2021 JSSINYS, College premise 14/10/2021 JSSINYS
7 Saraswathi Pooja Celebration Hospital, JSSNYH 15/10/2021 JSSINYS
8 Report on World Food Day World Food Day Health talk-16
Speaker: Dr. Rathna BNYS,
Topic: Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow
16/10/2021 JSSINYS
9 World Osteoporsis Day Health talk-17
Speaker: Dr. Preethi K S BNYS,
Topic: Take action on bone health
10 Case presentation 16 by Ms. Swarnarekha JSSINYS 21/10/2021 JSSINYS
11 Health Awareness camp at Springdale Public School, Erode Springdale Public School, Punjai Puliyampatti, Erode 30/10/2021 JSSINYS

November 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1 Case Presentation 17 by Mr. Sidharth
2 World Pneumonia Day Health talk-18
Speaker: Dr. Monicaasun,
3 Health Awareness camp at Bodhi Organic Society, Palakkad Bodhi Organic Society, Alathur, Palakkad 13/11/2021 JSSINYS
4 World Diabetes Day Health talk-19
Speaker: Dr. Sree Govind
JSSINYS online 15/11/2021 JSSINYS
5 4th National Naturopathy Day celebration Rog Mukth Bharath through Panchmahabhutha
JSSINYS 16/11/2021 to 20/11/2021 JSSINYS
6 Health Awareness camp at Ooty Public School, Karamadai Ooty Public School, Karamadai 18/11/2021 JSSINYS
7 Pooja in JSS campus JSSINYS 22/11/2021 JSSINYS
8 CME at National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune on Traditional Diagnostic methods
Dr. Tharima, Dr. Sreegovind, Dr. Monicaasun
JSSINYS 29/11/2021 to 3/12/2021 National Institute of Naturopathy Pune
9 Yoga program (Talk and demonstration) at EASA Engineering college
EASA Engineering college 20/11/2021 JSSINYS

December 2021

S.no Events Venue Date Organizers
1 World AIDS Awareness Day Health talk-20
Speaker: Dr. Jenie. R
JSSINYS Online 1/12/2021 JSSINYS
2 Visit to ASSISI Snehalaya Trust on the occasion of Worlds AIDS Awareness Day program
ASSISI Snehalaya Trust, Ettimadai 2/12/2021 ASSISI Snehalaya Trust
3 Case Presentation 18 – by Ms. Vivekha JSSINYS 02/12/2021 JSSINYS
4 World AIDS Awareness Day Health talk-21
Speaker: Dr. Krithika P
5 Case Presentation – 19 by Mr. Annamalai
Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation, Kolkata 8/12/2021
6 Training Program on Advance Software Resources for Digital Library Management and Library Automation Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation, Kolkata 13/12/2021 & 14/12/2021 JSS Academy of Technical
Education, Bengaluru
7 Health Awareness camp at Govt. High School, K K Chavadi Government High School,
K.G Chavadi, Coimbatore
16/12/2021 JSSINYS
8 Health Awareness camp at Perfect Engineering group of companies
Perfect Engineering group of
Companies, Pachapalayam, Coimbatore
17/12/2021 JSSINYS
9 Christmas celebration
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