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Internship Program

Our thriving internship program equips students with practical knowledge and skills to succeed and prosper in today’s increasingly interdependent global system. Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship (CRRI) enables students to gain added knowledge and skills through structured work experience. The internship program allows the students to learn from the experts and apply their learning from the theoretical aspect to the practical level. This program contributes to a better understanding of the subject. The internship program is designed to provide the students with hands-on experience in health service organizations. The students are allowed to observe and be actively involved in management activities using necessary management skills of communication, problem-solving, and management of relationships and analysis of information.

The CRRI period enables students to work in different departments for specific duration’s as given below.

The work consists of

  • Preparing patient’s treatment plan and stay
  • Review of medical records, questionnaire, lab work and assessment

  • Make sure supplies and staff are ready before the patient arrives

  • Daily medical supervision

  • Supervise patient’s treatment program

  • Follow up phone consultations

  • Research medical conditions and write articles

  • The students during their internship gain experience to work on a range of projects which are of National and International importance

Duration time

1 Nutrition, Fasting, Dietetics and Herbology 1 month
2 Massage, Aroma therapy, Chiropractice and Osteopathy 1 month
3 Hydrotherapy and Clay therapy 1 month
4 Reiki and Pranic Healing 15 days
5 Chromotherapy and Magnetotherapy 15 days
6 Acupuncture, Acupressure and Reflexology 15 days
7 Yoga therapy 1 month
8 Diagnostic Methods in Naturopathy and Yoga;
Modern Diagnostic methods 1 month
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