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Anatomy is concerned with the structure and function of the body. It is the basic course providing the morphological setting upon which clinical knowledge and experiences are built. In this course we approach anatomy from gross structural, developmental, cross-sectional and radiological perspectives. Students will use the knowledge acquired to recognize the normal variations and clinically relevant abnormalities commonly encountered in medical practice. In addition, the gross anatomy experience provides you an opportunity to acquire many of the professional skills that will be used throughout your medical careers.

Course Objectives

The primary objective and outcome of this course is to make the student understand the construction of the human body and how this construction is related to the function of the human body.To provide basic understanding and working knowledge of the human body.

  • To provide an introduction to the language of anatomy and use anatomical terms fluently when describing different tissues and organs.
  • To become familiar with essential concepts including structure and functional level of organism and homeostasis.
  • To provide an understanding of the anatomy and histology and organization of cells, tissues, and organ systems and be able to recognize the gross and microscopic anatomy of the tissues and organs and also demonstrate how different tissue types interact to create organs.
  • To specifically examine the gross anatomy and histology of the skin, muscle, skeletal, nervous and other systems.
  • To develop observational skills and logical thought patterns.
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