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Department of Pathology

To become familiar with pathology nomenclature. By the end of the course….


Department of Microbiology

Microbiology attempts to emphasize the infectious diseases that are of actual or potential importance to humans.


Department of Modern Diagnosis

The course is designed to educate the students about the diagnosis and treatment of common medical illnesses.


Department of Naturopathy Diagnosis

To find the main cause of disease through Naturopathy analysis right from the daily routine, dietary habits,..


Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

The main aim is to produce a physician who is well informed about medico-legal responsibility during the practice of Medicine.


Department of  Pharmacology

To provide students with a solid grounding in the basic concepts and scientific underpinnings of Pharmacology.


Department of Anatomy

Anatomy is concerned with the structure and function of the body. It is the basic course providing the morphological setting…


Department of Physiology

Physiology describes the nature of life. It provides the framework for studying and exploring the bases of life.


Department of Biochemistry

This course is designed for medical students having their first exposure to biochemistry.

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