Library Service

The jewel in the crown of the complex is the state-of-the-art Health Sciences Library. Access to quality library, learning resources and information technology is an essential part of JSSINYS and this is given high priority. Our facilities are extensive and accessible. The facilities and the resources offered at Library are designed to make study and learning easy. The college library offers a welcoming and flexible space for group and individual study. Library provide a collaborative and dynamic educational environment that fosters efficiency, active and continuous learning and incorporates cutting-edge technologies that are essential in preparing medical students for the health-care challenges of the future.

  • These resources serve medical students, interns and residents who are part of JSSINYS.
  • The library contains 4000 volumes of books on various topics in multiple copies. It also contains e-books, national & international journals, electronic journals.
  • With PC, internet access, photocopiers, printers, group and silent study areas, the library is an ideal place to study.
  • The Library is normally open from 9am to 8pm, six days a week during term time and also open during college vacations.
  • Our experienced and knowledgeable Library staffs are on hand to help and support.
  • The emphasis is on accessibility and user-friendliness.