Department of Yoga

The course aims at providing an in-depth experience in the study of yoga as a philosophy, practice and therapy. Through a concentrated study of yoga asanas (postures), mantras (sacred chants), meditation techniques, pranayama (breath control) and philosophical and religious scriptures, students will engage in questioning, analysis, and application of yoga in various planes of health.

Course Objectives

  • Yoga Philosophy, classical and interpretation for today’s practitioner
  • The evolution of Yoga from its ancient incarnation to is present day practice
  • Yoga in Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism
  • An overview of Indian culture, history and religions
  • Principles of movement and alignment
  • Yoga Postures and sequences – asana and vinyasa
  • Breathing Techniques – pranayama
  • The different lineages of the Hatha Yoga tradition
  • Yoga’s role in alternative medicine – holistic approach to health care
  • Yoga for fitness
  • Yoga for inner peace and harmony
  • Yoga as a therapy
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques

Theory Papers

Philosophy & Practice of Yoga  12 months
Yoga & Physical Culture I  12 months
Yoga & Physical Culture II  12 months
Yoga therapy  12 months