Department of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a science of healthy living  the natuhuman body has the self healing power and is composed of five great elements [Panchamaha bhutas]. Imbalance of these elements creates diseases. Treatment of the diseases by these elements ie, earth, water, air, fire and ether is known as Naturopathy.

Unnatural habits of living or violation of Nature’s law is the main cause of disease. To overcome the disease we must obey the nature’s law & allow the body to cure by its own or assist the body in natural way of living.

This program prepares graduates to become naturopathic physician at the end of the 5½ years curriculum. The curriculum integrates clinical naturopathic medicine and research with mind, body and spirit. The graduates are educated to deal with health promotion and disease prevention. The students gain their skills in various naturopathic treatment modalities which include Hydrotherapy, Clay therapy, Massage therapy, Aroma therapy, Chromo therapy, Magneto therapy, Chiropractice and fasting.

Course Objectives

  • Manage the underlying spiritual, social, mental and physical causes of disease;
  • Practice in a manner that exemplifies professionalism, strong ethics and a commitment to the principles of naturopathic medicine;
  • Communicate effectively with patients; appraise and apply research in treating patients;
  •  Integrate biomedical with clinical science knowledge in the assessment, diagnosis and management of patients;
  • Identify the need for urgent and emergent health care and direct appropriate resolution;
  • Establish and manage a naturopathic practice; manage chronic disease;
  • Demonstrate leadership in health advocacy and environmental stewardship;
  • Collaborate effectively and work in partnership with other health care practitioners;
  • Demonstrate commitment to the advancement of the naturopathic profession.

Theory Papers

Principles of Nature cure I
18 months
Principles of Nature cure II 18 months