Department of Modern Diagnosis & Naturopathy Diagnosis

Department of Modern Diagnosis

The course is designed to educate the students about the diagnosis and treatment of common medical illnesses. It helps the students have a sufficient knowledge of rare diseases, advances and technologies in medicine.

Course Objectives

  • Proper history, examination and diagnosis.
  • Relevant investigations, their interpretation with reasonable accuracy.
  • Appropriate treatment and early disposal.
  • Prompt diagnosis and management of emergencies.
  • Update knowledge.
  • Ethical principles during work.
  • Seek and give consultation when required.
  • Sympathetic behavior with patients and their relatives.
  • Respects patients’ rights and privileges.
  • Supplement information about their illness.
  • Consider seeking second opinion when requested by patients.
  • Laboratory tests, radiologic examinations and special procedures, (i.e., blood drawing, intravenous lines, arterial blood gases) to work up and treat patients' problems

Department of Naturopathy Diagnosis 

To find the main cause of disease through Naturopathy analysis right from the daily routine, dietary habits, occupational status to hereditary factors. Iris diagnosis and facial diagnosis are the main diagnostic methods.


Iridology is the study of the iris particularly of its colour, markings, changes etc., as associated with disease. The whole body parts and organs are represented on the iris. Diseases organs show the changes in the corresponding area in the eye.


Internal toxin deposition shows some changes in the external appearances is called encumbrances. These encumbrances, the form of the body, the carriage, the colour & the movements reveals the disease conditions.