Department of Hydrotherapy & Claytherapy, Chromotherapy & Magnetotherapy

Department of Hydrotherapy & Claytherapy

The course is designed to educate and train the students with the hydrotherapy and clay therapy treatment modalities. According to the basic principles of Naturopathy, Disease is caused due to the accumulation of toxins in the body. These diseases are better treated by natural elements ie, earth & water.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Hydrotherapy
  • Physiological basis and importance of water on different systems
  • Defining the reflex areas, action & reaction
  • General rules, therapeutic significance, adaptation of individual cases, general indications and contra-indications
  • Therapeutic actions like excitant effect, haemostatic effect, cardiac effects, emanogogic effects, vesical excitations, intestinal excitation, restorative effect, tonic effect, calorific effect, diaphoretic effect, expectorant effect, diuretic effect, resolvent effect, sedative effect, anti thermic, anti pyretic.
  • Techniques of various water and clay treatment modalities with their limitations

Department of Chromotherapy & Magnetotherapy

The course emphasis on techniques, treatment modalities through the application of various colours and magnets. It mainly deals with the air therapy, heliotherapy,  chromotherapy and magnetotherapy.

Course Objectives

  • Hormonic laws, theory of light and force, chromo-chemistry, chromo-diagnosis, chromo-therapeutics
  • Practical instruments for colour healing, chromotherapy prescriptions, chromo-mentalism
  • Bordeaux Medicine
  • Historical highlights of magnetotherapy
  • Effects of magnetism, medical influences of magnetic field
  • Technique of application of magnets
  • Clinical reports & recent developments in the field