Department of Community Medicine

The department educates & trains the students in various areas related to community medicine like clinical epidemiology, epidemiological research, human nutrition, deficiency disorder, its prevention & control, maternal & child health, health care management, health care services, environmental sanitation and occupational hazards.

The department is well equipped and posses necessary facilities to educate the students like various models of houses, toilets, sewage disposal system, water purifying systems & methods etc, charts displaying the map of endemic areas, national and international health promotion, disease prevention, microscopes & microscopic slides of various disease causing microbes, vectors etc.

Apart from the classroom teaching, students are allowed to visit the nearby communities to understand the health problems of community, government & private water purifying systems, different levels of health care systems.

With all the above facilities & exposure the students are trained & motivated to look into community & public health as a option of higher studies & career.