About Hospital

JSS Nature Cure & Yoga Hospital

Naturopathy & Yoga is a drugless system of medicine, believes that the human body is composed of five great elements of nature ie (Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Ether) & derangement of any of these elements leads to diseases.Naturopathy & Yoga though are the Indian system of medicine but are well developed globally and well recognized by WHO. They are totally natural and drugless system of medicine. Naturopathy is well practised not only in India but also duly recognised in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Gulf countries etc.

Naturopathy believes “Human Body has got Remarkable Recuperative power, if scope is given it can heal itself, if you do not interfere with chemicals or knife” 

“Nature cure is a system of man building in harmony with the constructive principles of Nature on the physical, mental, and moral planes of human beings (Holistic Approach) - Dr.Henry Lindlahr

“Human body, the living temple of god, and a living miraculous machine,  is self – reliant in maintaining Health, as well as curing ill health (Diseases) through the natural medicines produced in its own factory” - Mahatma Gandhi

“There is only one cause of disease and there is also only one disease, which shows itself under different forms”   - Louis Kuhne

The prime aim is to serve suffering humanity & to educate each and every individual to lead a healthy way of living by bringing awareness about proper diet, nutrition, exercise and life style modifications. This hospital is full fledged, modernized with 150 beds capacity spread over 55 acres of lush green land and  peaceful atmosphere. The hospital treats various ailments with a holistic approach. Highly experienced, Qualified Naturopaths, Trained Therapists with skill in treating Chronic, Allergic Diseases, and Critical Cases serve round the clock.